Behind The Artworks: CREATURE - Haunt (2022)

Tom Bradshaw, drums, CREATURE: “We take the artwork as seriously as the music. The visual manifestation and representation of our sound and lyrical concepts is crucial – so is having a consistency to the band’s aesthetic.

"We were huge fans of Luke Preece, who is a UK based artist and has done projects with the likes of Ghost, Metallica and Employed To Serve - and James our singer goes way back with him before he was a name in the artistic world. Fortunately for us when we approached him, he liked our tunes and was keen to work with us for the whole three EP campaigns for HEX, HOUND and now HAUNT – with three separate artistic executions for each release.

“We briefed him on the lyrical themes for each release, sent the music and discussed some basic concepts – but the designs and visual magic was all his doing. It was quite humbling that he was so passionate about the band and that came across in the pieces. The HAUNT artwork is sinister but also vibrant and the colour palette is really impactful. We couldn’t have asked for a better creative, to bring our work to life. Big up, Luke!”

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