Behind The Artworks: NIGHTBLADE - Hope To Be There (2022)

1. Who designed the artwork?

We went on location to do the photography shoot being careful to pick the right day for weather conditions. We were going to Clee Hill which is close to the Welsh border, needless to say, it blows a gale up there usually but somehow we picked the ideal day. We did several shots at several different locations up there and then narrowed it down to a shortlist. The shot chosen was taken under a run-down old quarry and mining building. All photography was done by Steve Jolliffe, who is a long-time supporter of the band.

2. What does the cover artwork represent to the band?

The artwork was very important to us as this is our third album release in three years, so it’s the finale of the trilogy if you like.

We chose to put the band on the cover which we have never previously done. We also recruited a new guitarist so it seemed fitting to show the new and first 5 piece Nightblade line-up ever. As an alternative rock act, the shot seemed to portray what we are all about.

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