Behind The Artworks: Spektrvm - Blood For Heaven (2022)

1. Gift of Oizys:

The figure of Depression. No spark in the eyes. Just dark thoughts.

2. Blood for heaven:
The full collection of emotions stemming from the number 1 instigator in history. Abuse of faith.

3. War of chameleon:

Humanoid Dragonfly, representing the evolution of “War” in all its forms.

4. Leviathan:

Vanity rules over our minds, and poisons the minds of others. In the same mind though, hides the window to free ourselves from it, and all we have to do is open it.

5. Trying to breathe:
The constant control over our lives, is the same thing that pushes us to the edge, always in a state of confusion, and one step from “falling over”.

6. Rain fire:
The Agent. The face of change. Our anger. War might be evolving, but so are we.

7. Without borders:
There is nothing more natural than instinct. And fear is one of them. Fear of the unknown and the different. It flows through us, spreading like cancer. Only once we understand each other we can be rid of it, once and for all.

8. Green god:

Money moves our world around. It makes us happy to own, something that has no value on its own and sometimes it’s all that we can see. Modern-day society is all about that “Green God”.

9. Rotten world:

We have all put our “pebble”, towards ruining this perfect home we call Earth. Others bigger than most. Still, within our power to change that, we “wash our hands” off of it, denying the responsibility and pretending we are just victims when “things go south”. Or we just stand aside and we let it happen, because “what can we do, right”. That is a certain way towards destruction. So we grab a sit by what used to be alive, and we watch it all as it fades away.

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