Behind The Tracks: Brightshine - New Days (Single) (2022)

The “New Days” lyrics sketch out fragments of a new reality where some old things die and new ones are reborn. During the lockdown the persistent, all-consuming solitude and sadness we were feeling was pretty universal for all of us. Covid stripped away many of the veneers of society, and left much of it and us exposed in a way we'd never seen. The pandemic changed everything in an instant and while that was really unsettling, it also created a situation where we could reexamine our lives and our society and hopefully see places where we could do better. “New Days” encapsulates some of these feelings and points hopefully towards the future.

We recorded “New Days” in the times before vaccines and it was the first time any of us had played music live with anyone else since before the pandemic. It was also the first time we had gotten to hang out with anyone outside of our households. We cut the instruments live in the studio and the jubilation of being together and playing music after such a long time is beautifully captured on this track.

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