Track By Tracks: Allocer Wolfe - A Man Made For Nowhere (2022)

1. A Man Made for Nowhere:

The song is written, asking the Abrahamic God, the “why” of creation. At the same time, and assuming this God exists, the vocals aim to point out the struggles one can have when attempting to find themselves. God claims to make us out of love and of himself, yet all I feel is his pain and confusion.

Being made, being put here has created something not made for living, and that something is me… Allocer Wolfe.

2. Gehenna:

Written to reflect the Divine Comedy that is Dante’s Inferno. Virgil guides us through the 9 circles of Hell. Virgil sings the lyrics as you, the listener, travel along the seas of the dead. The song also has a special place in the current world we live in… our own Hell.

3. A House Worth Burning:

Sodom and Gomorrah. Perhaps a mirror image of our world? The song is written to express the moral hatred one has for the world we currently live in… it begs for us to go back to the beginning… bring back the dark. We watch the weak become weaker, the powerful become more powerful… good men stand by and watch while evil men burn their fields… the path of Hell is paved.

4. The Count:

Pointing out the absurdness of how we structure our societies. Rules are built for some not for all. We are standing and spitting on the shoulders of our ancestors and we do them no justice… piles of worthless bones. We let those in power tell us how to be moral, how to live, and how to spend our money. This trial we call society is a simmering volcanic mountain.

5. The Lone Wolf:

Expressing one ultimate path to living like an animal… we create illusions all around us to remind us of our “non-animalistic side”. We do all that we can to minimize what we are… in the end, it comes out. The song talks about accepting oneself above all others… only then can one be effective for others. The Lone Wolf states that madness and suffering bring out the truth in us… and society is the trigger for it…

6. Winters Breathe:

A Pagan Queen returns to the land to wreak havoc. Being the first song written, it is a tribute to Nordic black metal writing about the cold and the obvious indifference she has for all of us.

7. Black Moon:

Diana is the watcher of the moon and controller of fates. More of a pagan song at its core, the song dives into the mythology of Diana, the Roman goddess, and the divine of the ancients.

8. The Ship of Theseus:

If a ship has the sum of its parts replaced is it the same ship after all?

Can the same be true for us as humans? As we age, as we change, as cells die and are remade are we fundamentally the same person as we were, say 5 years ago? What about experience? After going through trials is one fundamentally still the same?

The song is written to express the many trials of life, similar to that of a ship, through its lifetime needing repairs and replacements… what fundamental part remains, if any?

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