Track By Tracks: Brutta - Brutta (2022)

1. Brutta:

It's the opening song and caries the band’s name. It’s about letting yourself being transformed by Brutta’s aggressiveness admiring its uniqueness while being taken over by the transformation process. Brutta is what everyone will become, so watch out!

2. Mortem:

From a victim of a cold assassin perspective, it's hard to tell when the bloodthirsty will make a move and execute his final stroke. This song carries a tension description of the please to stack chopped bodies and live among hands of blood to mutilating and breaking the ones consider to be inferior people by the killer.

3. Frgmntd:

Existence inevitably, from time to time, breaks the individual. An imprecise cave, full of depth, where one feels opaque, taken and strangled. It is difficult to fix what you don't understand, and through the despair of not putting the pieces together, you live as fragments.

4. Bastardo:

Not everyone believes in the fable of Jesus, but those who do often point fingers in criticism at their fellow men. However, it is common to see devotees misinterpreting their own existence, preferring to pray until they are blind. What if all of christianity is just folklore? If there is no god, would Jesus be a bastard?

5. Inferno:

When life acts wicked, greater is evil. Inferno speaks of the process of dodging facts, extinguishing the light of understanding, and thus letting the beast gradually take control of interpretations. The shadow of hate creeps in, and when it dominates one, that's when self-hell is penetrated. When life acts wicked it is necessary to understand that one is under the influence of his beast, of his evil. When life acts wicked you are evil.

6. Cristus:

When one is invaded by the feeling of existential emptiness, it is common to resort to belief. However, it is not by following the 'legion of Cristus' that one will be miraculously absorbed by his own acts of the unspeakable. You cannot resort to an unknown greater force if you are not able to fulfill personal dogmas. No way out, it is important to bow to self-ignorance.

7. Devon:

We are now inside the mind of a sick, sociopathic and dangerous to society individual. He is locked up in the confines of Devon, a prison made for violent offenders. Nevertheless, our prisoner can't wait to run away so he can keep chasing you…

8. Limbo:

Limbo, a state of indecision, uncertainty, and indefiniteness. Imagine not wanting to know who you are, you can’t support anymore self-defense and now you are surrendering to loss. Right there, the dead won’t be any helpful. Right there, about to collapse death is preferred to ruin.

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