Track By Tracks: INEXORABLE - Imperious (2022)

1. Not My Funeral:

A defiant, I’m not gonna listen take on the regulation, mandates, and lockdowns. Poking fun at the “logic” the media is pushing out, this song frames the viewpoint in a way of pushing against the status quo for the betterment of yourself.

2. Static:

Static describes the noise of the news and cultural media in a way to disturbs and bothers the frequency we as humans have, which makes us human. Pushing us further toward a world of constant advertisement, marketing, and media consumption, static describes the environment and the effect it has on us as individuals.

3. One Light:

This song describes a fall of an empire, a culmination of a series of bad decisions, a bad compass, and bad people to create nothing good. A glimmer of hope is alive, however, with “one light” shining through.

3. The Cage:

Imprisonment through time. Understanding that listening to others more than yourself can only create more pain and discomfort. As the song continues we see ourselves become more and more enraged and fed up with it all.

4. As The Sun Sets:

A callback to “One Light”, this song ties the theme of the album together in a way that the light we are hoping is still there, is really not, and at the end of the day, we will be strapped down to our fate of being present in the current world and have to learn how to compete with these external corrupting forces to still be human.

5. Angels Fade:

Further down the path of understanding. Understanding that there is no guardian angel, there is no saving grace. Your dreams are just that – dreams.

6. Extinction:

The inspiration for this song was actually a Pink Floyd song on their album “The Wall” – “Waiting for the Worms”. The thought that the boot of the government – as it has throughout every empire in history – will always end up in your throat, can be a terrifying idea. This song explores that in the depths of total annihilation.

7. Cultist Deity:

Description of the figure that is on the album cover, this song creates a more “melodic” feel to our album with happier tones and notes, so it was only appropriate to make this about how great our new God-like leader is and how they dictate our everyday life, wants, and needs.

8. World War Now:

The culmination of the entire album – the only end that can occur based on the timeline drawn out throughout ‘Imperious’

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