Track By Tracks: MALEDIA - Phobia (2022)

Phobia is a collection of several stories, where fear is the protagonist, in its various forms. From the most stupid to the real one that terrifies you.

1. Wrong Way:

Wrong way is about the day after a hangover. All the "fuzzy" thoughts of what I did, and the next day, when you wish you hadn't done any of this.

2. Infection:

Infection is a reflection on everything that happened due to the covid, especially about the media, and the desire of people to return to normality.

3. Rise Up:

Rise up talks about the state of mind of a depressed person, who is closed in on himself, would just like to disappear and finally die. And in the song I try to cheer up him.

4. Eyes Collision:

Eyes Collision is simply the story of a game of glances between two people, of the resulting emotion. Almost a love story, which will never even begin.

5. I Feel It:

I Feel It is about a boy betrayed by a friend, who now can no longer understand which truths to believe.

6. Ready:

Ready talks about a dream I had one night, I was in a cave, I don't know why but voices could be heard asking me if I was ready… strangely, however, they weren't disturbing but almost reassuring voices.

7. Defenceless:

Defenceless is about a pure, defenseless man who wants to escape from his life. Every day he thinks of doing it, but every day he gives up.

8. Leave:

Leave talks about multiple personalities, and this man talks to them trying to chase them away until he understands that it is not possible.

9. Reborn:

Reborn speaks of a man who is disappointed in his friendship, of how lonely and pathetic he feels. Anger does not make him think and makes him become paranoid and more and more alone.

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