Track By Tracks: Nahja Mora - AHFHAOTA (2022)

This album is to be listened to as a whole. It is complete work. This is the program:

"The speaker is unable to communicate or relate. They recognize that to relate they must exploit themself. Exploiting themself brings them closer to that goal but for what purpose? to simply store those communication goals away as a memory? The feeling of being more than what they are is simply a fool's wish. So why bother? The speaker turns to escape-- a hedonist romp without caring to survive... They unfortunately survive.

The speaker is surrounded; their loved ones are concerned. The speaker lies to get by. The speaker hates and hates and sees the world burning. The world and its pictures condition the speaker to violence. The speaker returns to self-destruction. The speaker knows the truth but doesn't care.

Then the speaker feels the weight. They are drowning. They are breaking themselves apart. They cannot keep themselves safe, and neither can you.

Now the bleeding begins. When you try to stand back up, things continue knocking you down. The summary of years of work is vile abandonment. You get away but society in another form continues tearing your soul apart. So, give in to the darkness. Abandon the ones who claim they love you. Go out into the field and... be destroyed."

AHFHAOTA is pronounced in the manner the reader wishes. AHFHAOTA has multiple speakers. AHFHAOTA is a new mantra the story of predators surrounding their prey. it is a warning.

We have to take care of one another. Or the other will take care of us.

This is about life, not death and warning protects life so listen. it will get darker than you can even dream if you don’t speak up (dark stars abound in all directions)

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