Track By Tracks: Rebel Priest - Lesson In Love (2022)

On this EP we really tried to lighten it up and go back to the energy and feel that got us playing in the first place, music for adventure or memory-making music! The soundtrack for that summer you’ll never forget or that time you did that thing and you’ll always think of it when you hear this song. It’s a feel-good and takes no prisoners combo at the same time!

Track by track (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

1. Lesson In Love is a non-traditional ballad like a love song sung by a Tommy gun hahaha! It’s about the trials and tribulations of loving something and just going thru it, the ups and downs and spirals but without the direct subject being a person. It’s open-ended in that it is what you love or love doing and how it’s a journey that can always find a way home.

2. Dïvebomber is a speed rock song that came together as we were chatting about WW2 dogfights and how crazy it must have been, then we thought that nothing could be crazier than a dïvebomber so we picked up our instruments and it just bled out!

3. Coatcheck Girl is a song Nate wrote a while ago about working at nightclubs and how (most often) the woman working the door was the best-looking lady in the place! It’s been in our set for a while now and is a staple for our live shows, I mean who isn’t ready to party when a song starts out with LET’S GO GET SOME BEER!

4. Bonfire is a song about the great Bon Scott and nods to his wicked wordplay and snarky attitude. He was a true original and nobody came close! With thundering drums and lightning strike guitars, this song is a punch to the gut just like how he lived his life!

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