Track By Tracks: SilentLie - Equilibrium (2022)

“Equilibrium” is a collection of 10 heavy songs, a journey in the dark without fear. The album stands on modern heavy tones, a musical mood that can be compared to bands like Ghost, with a powerful female voice and gritty but catchy melodies. The album has been mixed in the USA by Grammy Award winner Dave Hagen at Dark Horse Studios (Evanescence, Alice in Chains, Mastodon). It's not the typical female-fronted album.

1. Divided:

The first song we wrote for "Equilibrium". It includes all the ingredients of SilentLie's sound: strong, full, melodic.

2. On my skin:

The story of the value of life to a son, through difficulties and hopes. It’s a smooth hard rock song, with a good rhythm, and a very catchy refrain.

3. Something to remember:

One of the singles is a hymn to seize the moment. It features a good pace which culminates in a great refrain.

4. Taste of solitude:

A song with a strong impact, just for those who don't fear loneliness.

5. The one who disappears:

Is a very emotional ballad, speaking of a controversial issue such as suicide.

6. Equilibrium: 

A glorious narration of the precarious balance between good and evil. One of our best songs ever.

7. Hysteria:

A straightforward up-tempo. Imagine a witch smiling at you while she's burning, and the fire blazes up in the music!

8. Modern Paradox:

An ironic look to the bustle of today. A fast song, with a bridge that recalls some old 70s bands.

9. The others:

Survive to the others and aims at the stars. A ballad with a strong final crescendo.

10. World upside down: 

The last, epic, doomish song. A journey into the ruins of a world set on fire.

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