Track By Tracks: Spektrvm - Blood For Heaven (2022)

1. Gift of Oizys:

There is no conclusive evidence that depression fuels creativity; the gift of living in a more fluid and nebulous reality. Or is there?

2. Blood for heaven:
The biggest atrocities this world has seen, have always been committed in the name of a higher power, with the belief that you can be somehow rewarded for them in the afterlife, while they will haunt you for the rest of your time on this earthly plane. As they should.

3. War of chameleon:

Everything in nature is constantly evolving and adapting, and humanity is no exclusion to that rule. War has been a human passion for as long as humankind has existed. It doesn't always take the form of guns or bombs or physical weapons. It can even be a war of the mind.

4. Leviathan:
What can one say about vanity? Vanity plays lurid tricks with our memory, and the truth of every passion wants some pretense to make it live. It is most often the unseen spur and everyone has as much of it as they want to understand. But in the only thing that can preserve you from it, lies the knowledge of yourself.

5. Trying to breathe:
They have taken control of our lives, our minds, our information receptors and most of the things that "free will" consists of. We can't help but feel trapped in situations we have no control over, and all we can do is survive, and push on, helplessly struggling for some meaning, one breath at a time.

6. Rain fire:

Peace of mind. A virtue sought by all yet achieved by few. A virtue sometimes sought by means that dance on the tightrope that is morality. There is not one way fit for all to follow. In this world there are no absolutes. But fire... Fire treats everything the same.

7. Without borders:

We have been dropped on a place, that's split between land and sea, and we assume that we have the right to claim anything, outside of our person, for ourselves, as if we have the right to separate anything from something else. Everything is a part of something bigger. The atoms make up molecules, the molecules make up units, the units make up wholes. As the people make up communities, the communities make up civilizations, and civilizations make up humanity. You simply cannot accept the whole if you are unable to accept the individual.

8. Green god:

Greed is the oldest of vices. And they who are not contented with what they have, can never even be contented with what they would like to have. It's the endless cycle that keeps the world moving, but at the same time, holds it back. Greed is the first and final sin. We yearn for survival, for stability and for time. Greed is God.

9. Rotten world:

Who doesn't like to shift the blame for everything "bad" onto something or someone else? All for the sake of feeling better with ourselves and that we are always right. But just because you keep painting the apple on the outside, that doesn't mean that it stops rotting on the inside. It's high time that each one of us, accepts their parts, bigger or smaller, in this world's demise.

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