Track By Tracks: WICKED ENVY - What The Hell Am I Doing? (2022)

1. It's Been A Long Time:

It's Been A Long Time is an upfront, ballsy, fast-paced rock n roll track to get shit-faced to. The song is about having a massive night out drinking, partying, enjoying new life experiences, and releasing all inhibitions. The song conveys the feeling of life being too short, just enjoy every moment given to you, the ups and downs, and surely, live it for yourself. I believe it's the perfect mood lifter and escape from reality, an exciting track to play at parties. A real body rocker. Something you didn't know, our producer Clayton made me run a lap around the back streets of the studio before I sang my first take. It was hilarious and definitely a clever method to create a more energized vibe within the vocals. This track was the quickest one to come together.

2. Frantic:

Frantic! Enough Said ... There's nothing pretty about this one! It's a straight-up heavy rock track with thrash metal elements, no harmonies required, just the crowd chanting, headbanging, and coming together in a hot sweaty pit of pure enjoyment. I think we've all been in situations where we have felt unhinged, where we want to run but are too afraid to make a move. Frantic is an ideal track to vent, let loose, and scream out all the hostility from the day. Hard, Heavy, and Aggressive. It's a form of therapy. This is definitely evident, in the chant-like vocals, raw, brutal and smack ya right in the face. It was a very different way of approaching the vocals, but was great for this particular track. The story behind Frantic was based on true events, just overdramatized a little bit. It's about a band experience after a gig in the city, at a Maccas drive-through, that could have gone horribly wrong.

3. Fragile Wings:

I based the lyrical content for Fragile Wings, on an ex-friend of mine from my past and how they made me feel. Once so close, but couldn't be more apart. Lyrically, this particular song came together quite easily, I took pen to paper and jotted out Verse 1 and 2 instantly, then the Chorus followed. The full lyrics were completed in 2 days, the fastest I've ever written so far, as the emotions seemed to pour out. Whilst writing Fragile Wings, I heard whispers in my head of the words I was writing and just knew I had to add this whispering vocal into the song, which creates that vulnerable, breathy, haunting presence to the piece. The vocal tonality for this song was influenced by 3 of my favorite vocalists Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless), Myles Kennedy (Alter bridge), and Maria Brink (In This Moment). This song is calm and delicate in the beginning, but when the Chorus hits, the storm starts brewing.


Outsider is dark, twisted and emotionally- charged like a classic horror film. The song relates to the feelings of not belonging, being mistreated by someone you love or loved because you are different. It's based on a girl, who has been abused, ignored, and has had enough. She has finally found her voice and has decided to do something about it, taking revenge on the people who bullied and mistreated her. This song was inspired by the novel and film Carrie By the Amazing Stephen King, as I'm a massive horror buff and love Stephen King films. Had a blast recording this track in the studio. The chorus lyrics and vocal melody were rewritten in the studio which was a challenge for me but the end product was so much better than I could have imagined, thank you Clayton. We were over the moon to be working with Clay and Angie at The Brain and Amy McIntosh of The Beautiful Monument filming our first ever Music Video, such an Amazing Experience.

5. I Can See:

I Can See is a highly emotional rock ballad that will tear at your heartstrings. The song tells a story of a woman trapped in an abusive relationship and contemplating her fate. It's extremely close to me, on a deep, personal and empathetic level, basing the lyrics off my own experiences and the experiences of others around me. I feel this particular song is very powerful in the message it conveys, to use your voice, stand up for yourself and others and be the change that's needed. I really hope this song inspires all women out there to be strong, brave and true. You are not alone. This was my first piano introduction for the band and there will be plenty more. I played the piano in the middle register to create a soft, delicate haunting, tonality for the intros and verses, which were stripped bare for all to hear. The vocals accompany the piano with the same soft, rawness to allow a true connection to the song.

This arrangement is very different from what we have written previously, as the song was broken apart musically in the studio, to create a more modernized rock ballad feel, that we thought would be well suited to the current scene. It's the track I'm most proud of, as a whole. As we ran out of funds we decided to film the visualizer ourselves, so I filmed it using my iPhone 7, it was a fun and challenging experience. I was so stoked to work with David Blackley (Her Name Is Murder Productions) for the editing and visual effects, he turned our vision into something masterful.

6. Bring The Storm:

It's dynamic, driving, and intimating, not allowing any room to breathe. Bring The Storm! is our biggest and longest song to date. The song had to be cut down to 4 minutes from 6 minutes in the studio, this song just couldn't or wouldn't end. The neverending song. We always have a blast performing it live and the crowd seems to respond really well. Funny fact, nearly every time we've played the song live, it decides to rain and sometimes storm, Haha. You could say we "Bring The Storm, wherever we go". Melbourne Storm, if you need a theme song, hit us up. Did you know there are actually keys in this song? No? listen to it a second time and I'm sure you'll hear it! The song is about the feeling you get from playing a live gig, all those emotions you can't contain, end up exploding. Crowd screaming, headbanging, moshing, nothing but exhilarating chaos.

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