Band Biographies: Fragmented Tranquility

Fragmented Tranquility is a metalcore band from Oklahoma City, OK. The group specialize in progressive djenty grooves and hammering breakdowns. Formed 5 years ago, from the ashes of several local bands, they combine heavy, technical riffs with crushing drum work and in your face vocals. The current line-up is focused on writing heavy and melodic songs and bringing a high energy to their live performances.

To describe it’s members; “Sonny Nail is an extreme screaming vocalist with the ability to change to cleans seamlessly. Cody Smith is a guitarist specializing in leads and texturing. Eric Ayres is a guitarist specializing is rhythms and chug patterns. Chris Lawson is a bassist specializing in thunderous basslines and precision backing vocals. Brennan Walker is a drummer specializing in insane foot work and fills.”

This is Fragmented Tranquility!

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