Band Biographies: Villains In Vain

Villains In Vain is a metalcore band based in Eugene, Oregon. VIV is metal community oriented, although few bands in their immediate neighborhood resemble them. While joining the ranks of metal bands before them, VIV sets themselves apart from the PNW thrash and stoner metal traditions by highlighting hardcore drum beats paired with pedal note metal guitar riffs (IE: VIV is a metalcore band [see line 1 above]).

VIV began after DJ Luther (vocals) and Cameron Octon (guitar) met at the height of the 2020 COVID pandemic on SeekingArrangement. Together in an effort to recruit the remaining necessary members, the duo released a cover of Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” in April 2021, which attracted the interest of Justin Eden (bass). In the following September, Trevor Richardson (drums) joined, completing the band’s original lineup after the release of their first original song, “Shadow in the Light."

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