Behind The Artworks: Baron Carta - Shards Of Black (2022)

The artwork was created by Darkgrove Grove design and Jono has worked closely with Jan there to produce all three covers that Baron Carta have put out.
The cover for Shards Of Black has lots of easter eggs in it:

The figure in the window is the evil god Relanar from the song. He is a reflection of the evil present in people, not an actual mythical monster.

The chessboard on the table and knife on the shelf relate to a lyric in Act 3 (“A game of chess played with sharpened knives”).

The Yorkshire gin bottle is there because Jono was born in Yorkshire and collects gin - he has about 50 bottles of gin on his bar at home (which also has a picture of Steve Harris from Iron Maiden over the bar).

Jono always asks Jan from Darkgrove to put his logo on our covers, you can see this in the container in the bottom right-hand corner.

The gavel on the shelf reflects the end of Act 3 as the generals are getting judged (the lyric: “My gavel hammer sets the score, Handcuffed and slamming shut the door, Their concrete room is filled with plague, and I say” - also concrete room refers to our last release (In a Concrete Room) and plague refers to our first release (Step Into The Plague))

The jet in the sky refers to our song Lethality - all about people putting their lives on the line for science and exploration.

The British flag and pyramids refer to Athelstan's Pharaoh which tells the story of the first king of England, Athelstan, secretly getting his power from an ancient pharaoh thousands of years earlier.

The beach and fires refers to the worship site in the song Relanar. * The picture at the top on the left wall is the Christmas truce covered in the song Ceasefire.

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