Behind The Tracks: The Effigy - Cindersun (Single) (2022)

I have long been fascinated by mythology. In particular, I’m a fan of Greek mythology. I love how the Ancient Greek were not afraid of tragedy; of sadness and grief. They did not shy away from the raw imperfection that is the human condition.

The tale of Icarus has forever been one of my favourites. So the story goes, Daedalus and his son Icarus have to escape the very Labyrinth Daedalus himself built. A master craftsman, Daedalus fashions a pair of wax wings for his son Icarus so that they might escape, but before they leave, he warns Icarus to keep his distance from the sun. Icarus is overwhelmed by his own self-assuredness, and he does not heed his father’s warning. His wings melt and he plummets into the ocean and drowns.

There are a great many ways to interpret this cautionary tale; a lesson about hubris, a warning to pay attention to one’s surroundings, and perhaps my favourite, the dangers of longing for something you just can’t have.

Cindersun riffs off that legend of Icarus and the Sun, but it follows that third interpretation. Cindersun is a story of loving someone who hurts you - of loving someone so broken you can’t fix them, and every time you get that little bit closer, your wax wings melt a little more until there is nothing left of them.

Framed as an impassioned plea, the song starts from Icarus’ perspective as he tells the Sun why he cannot return to her. He lists the ways she has hurt him, the pain she has caused all of those around her, how she burns everything she lays a finger upon. Throughout the song, Icarus tries to escape, but time and time again, he is drawn back to the Sun’s warmth.

The bridge switches to the Sun’s perspective. She challenges him to stay, trying to convince him that he’s wrong to leave, that they need each other, desperately trying to get his attention.

In the end, she succeeds. Icarus flies too close to the sun. His wings melt and he hurtles downwards, into the churning waves below where he is swallowed whole, never to be heard from again.

For me, Cindersun is very much about the dysfunctional relationship we can find ourselves in, not just with others but also with ourselves. So often, we are unable to fight against that desire to help someone who just does not want to be helped. Staying assures our demise. We willingly stand inside an all-consuming fire, much like the Sun, and yet - as with Icarus - we are powerless to resist.

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