Behind The Tracks: GENERATION LANDSLIDE - Little Miss Lonely (Single) (2022)

Little Miss Lonely is the first track from the album "Ruling the Street Scene"

The musical idea originally came from a combination of Aerosmith's "Chiquita and Lightning Strikes" concept of having a cool riff and a stop-and-start verse that ultimately builds into a driving rhythm. I added a bit of "Thin Lizzy" type twin guitar leads underneath "Sweet" vocal harmonies in the middle section of the song to take it to a different level.

The lyrics come from an actual real-life experience with a former girlfriend who had a substance abuse problem that at first was hidden. It wasn't until a domestic dispute that things started spinning out of control and I knew right then it was over. I was so angry at the time for having wasted so much energy on that relationship. When I ended it, I knew I would have to write a song about the experience. So I took the straight-to-the-point aggressive lyrics to tell the story and a title that would reflect on what I thought would become this person's fate for the rest of her life.

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