Track By Tracks: Baron Carta - Shards Of Black (2022)

1. Relanar:

Relanar tells the story of a dark god called Relanar that brings worshippers from around the world to praise him at an abandoned church on a beach. The worshippers gradually realize that they have never seen or heard Relanar and begin to question his very existence…before breaking free and living their lives on their own terms.

2. Lethality:

Lethality is a love-letter to the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for science and exploration. However, the song delves a little deeper and explores the need for these explorers to live life on the edge, potentially to an addictive level.

3. Athelstan´s Pharaoh:

Athelstan's Pharaoh explores the story that Athelstan, the first king of England…notable for his military achievements, derived his power from an ancient Egyptian god, who manifests inside him. Thousands of years of silence from the pharaoh are awakened as Athelstan dominates the land.

4. Ceasefire:

Ceasefire focuses on the Christmas Truce of 1914 in which the British and the Germans stopped fighting with each other for a short time. They played football, sung carols, and reminded each other of their humanity.

5. Act 3: Purged:

Act 3: Purged brings the epic trilogy to a close. After the central figure of the song has gone to war, suffered on the battlefield, and felt betrayed by his generals, he is too broken to exact revenge. Instead, revenge is sought by the many woman pained, hurt, and widowed by the generals, and Act 3 showcases the ferocity in which they seek closure.

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