Track By Tracks: Scars Of Atrophy - Nations Divide (2022)

1. Cross Contamination:

Cross Contamination is the first song that we finished together as a band, complete with lyrics. Cross starts our journey as we head to the coastline of early America to investigate the origin of religion and its infusion into government. As we progress into the song, more examples of negative impact are cited (hypocrisy, greed, exploitation) and the source always seems to come back to humans deceiving each other for profit and gain, while using the cloak of religion to hide themselves. Attending Catholic school for 12 years has given me a peek inside the church and the values that they hold.

2. DSM-6:

DSM-6 takes us through the halls of a school shooting, exploring the avenues of mental health and what we are doing (or not doing) to help prevent them. Everyone is looking for answers, blaming everything else but nothing is getting done. Who is going to care and help?

Not the leaders. They just feed us the same garbage day in and day out. DSM-6 is the psychiatric handbook that we’d love to share with our leaders.

3. Smokescreen:

Smokescreen is exactly what we are getting every day in life, from many different facets. Everything is a lie and distractions are everywhere. What is truth? We chant SMOKE IS ON THE RISE and that means that every time something comes up that is important and the people want to know about, a smokescreen seems to appear quite often from our leaders, our media, etc. to distract us from what is really important. It has been extremely effective in deceiving us and keeping us out of the know.

4. Nations Divide:

Nations Divide is the title track and has a really unique but catchy riff to grab your attention.

Why the split in our country? There is the 1% and then the rest of us. Is the American Dream still possible? Why do 26 billionaires have more money than 1/3rd of Earth? How do we get access to this “Gate Code” and the wealth behind it? Nations Divide explores the power-hungry and if it's possible to penetrate it. There is a huge schism caused by greed and it's time to give the power back to the people.

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