Track By Tracks: SERPICO - The Chosen Four (2022)

1. Riverbanks:

The song gives wings to this album. Hard rock rumble with intense lyrics. Perfect opening.

2. Midnight Cowboy:

The first single, a song about twisted desires with a loved one, melodic rock song.

3. Rock Your Brain:

All shit you have to leave in the past if you want your love life to work. A big massive one.

4. I Am A Rocker:

Fast-tempo joyride with thoughts of rockers' many roles in everyday life. A story of our drummer by Snage.

5. Dark Energy:

Beautiful rock ballad where you embrace the universe.

6. Silent Love:

Obsessed love letter to somebody who doesn't even know that you love her. I think that character is mentally unbalanced.

7. Smokin' Hot Mama:

Shuffle beat song telling a story about a person who is going to party with friends & everybody.

8. Holy Rocks Outta Body:

A fast straight rock song that helps you get your rock out of your body.

9. The Last Days Of Monopoly:

Yeah, rock it. Wait until you hear the climax.

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