Track By Tracks: Through The Void - Life Is Cancelled (2022)

1. Denied:

During the lockdown, every sector was in seek of solutions, people wanted to keep doing whatever they were doing before, and they succeeded somehow. Except for the small music bands, some of which we've seen the collapse. So, this song expresses all the frustration we've gotten during the lockdown: not being able to go on stage, see others play, meet people, and some of our friends being denied financial support, … It's also an anthem to the unity that we were trying to build.

2. Answer:

This is my way of throwing a tantrum: elders have been brainwashing me about going to school, and getting a job, ... All of this should have contributed to building a better way to live, and I did all of those things. But where is it now, this better way?

3. Enter:

The sentence “Welcome to the world” is literal because I was welcoming my newborn nephew, who came to this world the day this song was written instrumentally.

It’s a statement of the world as I see it today, with adults' eyes and my own experience. It's a photograph he can carry with him of the world he was born in, and see its evolution.

4. Believe:

This song is one of the most personal: it's about trusting time. You got to give time its own time so that every pain, every bad situation eventually passes.
Patience is the key.

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