Behind The Artworks: Eaten By Sharks - Eradication (2022)

Chris: The artwork was a concept from Shindy Designs. We had seen some of the work he had done with some killer bands and were excited to see how he would approach our band. He came up with a few different concepts and the one we went with was an army of Atlantean shark people approaching a shoreline of a city, ready to eradicate the populous. We added some Ills of modern man, factory pollution and fires etc.

Matt: We wanted it to be an epic scene that also reflected the name of our band. We were blown away by the artist's spin on a shark-themed cover and love the detailed graphic style, much like our technical approach to songwriting I think it matches up perfectly. To make it more Canadian we added the Toronto skyline to the cityscape. You can see the skyline from the shores of our city.

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