Behind The Artworks: Epinikion - Inquisition (2022)

The artwork of Inquisition-the debut album of Epinikion- is linked tot he story that the album tells. The picture portrays the main character of the story who literally has to stay 'under water and hide in order not to be noticed by her enemy, the father of her lover. Water also symbolizes emotions, which the songs are steeped in. In addition, it refers to a song in which she almost drowns because the boat she tries to flee to is sunk.

Much of the Eighty Years' War took place at sea and under the leadership of the Duke of Alba, whose face can be seen in the clouds. Death reigns, as the skull in the background, reflects. The dark appearance of the picture reflects not only the dark time of the war but also the struggle the lovers have to survive, the terror that surrounds them. The brightness and fire of the rising phoenix contrast beautifully with the dark colors and symbolize that love and strength survive all.

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