Behind The Artworks: GLAZERGIRL - Mothership (2022)

The cover work of the Glazergirl™ EP Mothership was simplified from several versions. A friend took a pic of me at my first gig with a hard rock band in 2009. It was me as a blond with mesh gloves. I changed the hair color to me now as a brunette and took away the mesh. The important part of the photo is the symbolism of coming full circle in my music---the first gig to the first solo release. Could not recall at the time where I got the photo. In addition, the Name of the EP – Mothership—is for my mother, the center of my family’s universe. Mom has always been my biggest music supporter—or any of my art world activities. I felt, while she still can remember, to honor her with the EP being named for her. The back of the album represents the Mothership as a spaceship lost in a haze of lightning in space. My mom’s dementia often has her feeling lost. I thought this was a good representation of the situation at hand. The name—Glazergirl™-- came from my being in the glass industry (a glazier). I was trying to find an email like “glass chick” or “glazier girl” and then simplified it to Glazergirl™.

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