Behind The Artworks: Resistance - Skulls Of My Enemy (2022)

The album cover artwork is of course based on the title of the album, which comes from a set of lyrics we didn’t have a chance to use on this album. We wanted to incorporate our warrior (Einheri) who first appeared on Battle Scars and then again on Metal Machine, where we turned him into a Metal Machine. The concept was for Einheri to be seated on a throne of skulls in a catacomb-like throne room and drink from the skull of his enemy. The cover is very detailed and has elements from several songs on the album. The idea to have some slave girls at his feet comes straight from the Kiss album Love Gun. Dusan Markovic is the artist; we’ve also used him on our two prior albums. He captured the concept we wanted to convey and brought our ideas to life in a beautiful piece of artwork.

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