Interviews: After Smoke Clears

This is a new interview with the Metalcore/Metal band After Smoke Clears from the UK. Check out the entire interview and give them a follow on their FACEBOOK PAGE

1. Where did you get the idea for the band name, you plan it or come out just like that?

We put quite a bit of thought into the name. The band originally had a different name but we wanted to change it early on so we thought about what we wanted to accomplish as a band and what we wanted the imagery of the name to convey. We decided on After Smoke Clears because it conjures an image of the calm after a storm, the quiet after a fire where new life can grow and phoenixes rise.

2. Why did you want to play this genre?

We all love heavy, groovy music that is energetic and emotional. So we've combined these elements and come up with our sound.

3. Did you know each other before the band was formed?

No, we didn't, the band formed through pretty much complete strangers each looking for the same kind of thing, finding each other through online ads or word of mouth. It's been a great ride so far.

4. Each band member favourite band?

Aaron - is definitely Knocked Loose right now

Nick - I can't go past Bleed From Within at the moment

Kiran - Holding Absence is probably my favorite band right now

Dave - I've been listening to The Ocean a lot this last month so that's fair to say my favorite at the moment

5. Who or what inspires you to write songs?

We're inspired by our own experiences and shared experiences of the world. Musically we listen to a really wide variety of music so we get a little bit of punk, a bit of hardcore, hip hop, and of course a heavy helping of metal genres.

6. Where was your last gig?

The last gig we played was at Purgatory Festival earlier this year, was a great gig! 

7. Where would you like to play?

One of the biggest dreams we have as a band is to play Brixton Academy. We've all seen really amazing bands there and it's our dream venue!

8. Who would you like to support?

We'd love to support bands that are making a massive impact on the scene at the moment, like Bring me the horizon, Architects, Spiritbox, Thy Art Is Murder or Northlane.

9. Who not?

Probably bands like Kiss or some of the older styles of music, these artists have had the headline spots for decades now so I'd like to see more new bands taking over.

10. Have any of you ever suffered from stage fright? Any tip for beginners on how to beat that?

I think everyone suffers from some amount of stage fright. It's important to realize that it's completely normal and just means you're excited about the show and place a high value on it. Channeling that energy into a positive mindset really helps.

11. What bands have inspired you the most?

We've been inspired by so many artists, individually we've taken influence from Lamb of God, Mudvayne, Architects, Opeth, Thy Art Is Murder (obviously!), and loads more.

12. What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you for?

We're still weirded out by having fans in the first place! We're always happy to chat with folk after our gigs and will have a few beers and a laugh.

13. What do you think of your fans?

The people who enjoy our music and our performances are the reason we still exist! We're forever grateful for each person who comes to a show or says hi on social media. Thank you, guys!!

14. What do you think of our site?

I think your site is an incredibly important piece of the music scene, along with other sites that support the underground music scene. We're again really grateful for everyone who takes an interest in what we have to share. Thank you for having us on today!

15. Something to add?

Be sure to stream and watch our newest single 'The Fear (feat. CJ McMahon from Thy Art Is Murder)' on YouTube and all music streaming platforms from 5th August! Keep in touch at

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