Track By Tracks: GLAZERGIRL - Mothership (2022)

1. The Kingdom:

The Kingdom is based on the old and New Testament -- some from the book of Job, some from Romans, and other bits from within.  It confronts Godlessness in today’s society. Essentially confronting how we came into the world naked and will leave the world without possessions.  This talks about letting go of "things" and taking a more spiritual path. Note the deadly sins in the middle of the song. The goal is to recognize the miracles, the greatness put before us. To look at each other and communicate. To know what our values should be. That God provides within us as us. To go beyond what we see and have faith. This song meets THREE genres: Hard Rock, Christian Rock, Country

2. The Liar's Way:

The Liar's Way is about how we try so hard to love the person we are with as evenly as he or she loves us, but just can't quite get there.  It is the "I love you but like you more than love you" situation and seeing the other person fall for you.  You warn them to run away before they get in too deep and your inability to extricate themselves.  The moment when you express the hours, the lovemaking, is beautiful, but "know" that you should run away from that person who cannot give more. The liar, so to speak, lies by omission, by not telling the person you just don’t love them the same way. And, the Liar is the person who doesn’t mean to love wholly, but just cannot. Genre: Rock

3. Amnesia Of Me:

Amnesia of Me is a metaphor for the condition of Dementia and what the sufferer is going through.  We often hear what dementia and Alzheimer's bring, but frequently do not see it through the eyes of the sufferer---being so lost in the self.  The hardest part, the individual realizing she is lost and the internal frustrations-- not being able to get the words out and watching the person suffer. I hope to bring awareness to the conditions with this song and have been in touch with the Alzheimer’s Association.   There is a purple ribbon on the back of the album to the effect.  There is a lot of purple in the music video to invoke awareness. This song is actually about my mom and what we see her going through. Zack Miranowic, from Disciples of Verity, is featured in this one on the solo. Genre: Rock / Metal

4. Don't Weep:

Don't Weep is about domestic violence.  I chanced to overhear a story of a young woman not being able to get out of an abusive situation, and another friend said she doesn’t want out. It suggests how fear can cause the victim to possibly stay in an abusive relationship, lying to herself and others, and risking a perilous end. Too many people cannot see the end of the abyss.  They accept negatives and suffering to either get what things one might want, but in reality, it is about spiraling downward, that being treated horribly is acceptable---and with the inability to see the way out.  To be too afraid to get help. . The fear is deep-rooted.  The abuse is acceptable to survive. But sometimes you don’t survive. In the line “fear is her scent, who pays your rent” suggests we give off that fear, that needs to be “protected” and accept something horrible as your only means to survive. It is not in judgment but in hoping to show that person his or her value and to trust that he or she has value.  It is a tragedy that closes with the line that it is alright to say "no". But many cannot say no. Genre: Rock

5. Chilly Flower:

Chilly Flower is about the possible tragedy that awaits a young boy finding a gun among the flowers of his mother’s garden.  A robbery occurs in the neighborhood. The suspect flees over a fence through a yard. The four-year-old child then finds and points the gun at his eight-year-old brother—thankfully without tragedy. A garden that should be about warmth and peace becomes cold with hidden evil, hence, a "chilly flower". This song is inspired by true events in a friend’s life. Probably one of my favorite songs on the album---to me sounding like the theme song at the beginning of a spy movie. Genre: Rock

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