Band Biographies: Fierce Atmospheres

Fierce Atmospheres is a now a Chicago based progressive metal act that first started in 2001 in Austin, Texas, USA. Their first demo, Gale Force, was a sneak peek into what the future would hold for the band. Through many member changes and studio sessions, the sound of the group took shape into what is now the current ‘direction’. Their subsequent studio hours and releases have translated to a tight, well rounded unit that has received stellar reviews worldwide.

The band has also played many shows having opened for national artist such as Evergrey, Joe Lynn Turner, Immortal Guardian, The Three Tremors and many more. The latest record The Speed Of Dreams was mixed/mastered by Andy LaRocque of King Diamond and is the band’s strongest album to date. After a successful run to America’s East Coast in the summer of 2022, the next step for Fierce Atmospheres is to enter the studio and start pre-production on a new record while playing live in the midwestern United States.

Fierce Atmospheres are:

Taran DePablos – Vox 
Eric J. Gosselin – Guitar 
Marco Severini – Guitar 
John Ashe – Drums 
Lance King – Bass"

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