Behind The Artworks: Lamentations - Passion Of Depression (2022)

The art was a piece I had commissioned by Anastasiya Kliantsevich. This is her first gig doing art for a band, but her talents were perfect for the job. There are 7 tracks in the album, and each track is represented by a symbol. The seven symbols, in order of the tracks are Fire, Blooming Flower, Tattered Cloth, Bell, Sword, Scripture, & Masks. The symbol of the scripture didn’t quite fit into the main cover art, but the skulls were a decent replacement to describe the meaning behind the song. All I presented to the artist were the 7 symbols, and some basic image references to each symbol. I requested for the symbols to be intertwined and to interact with each other and we got back a piece that we are very proud to present to you. The symbols represent the lyrics which describe life, the experiences and emotions that come with it, from a cinematic point of view. For more details on the lyrics of the songs, check out the track by track description. More artwork on the symbols are available in the CD booklet as well as the Double LP Vinyl.

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