Behind The Tracks: Brain Matter - Fractured Reality (Single) (2022)

Seth Metoyer, guitarist, and vocalist: Fractured Reality was inspired by two books I was reading at the time I was writing the song. The Order of Time by Italian theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli, and Knowing Scripture by Theologian R.C. Sproul. The song explores a few concepts that we as humans all deal with and ponder. What is time, are we bound by it -- is it absolute? Why is there time, why can we change the future but not the past operating within the laws of time?

The song also questions reality. What is real? Is perception reality? Does truth even matter to most people these days? What about the existence of God? Can there be scientific order and physical laws without a creator? Stuff like that.

I've always enjoyed thinking about the universe, studying physics, and reading theology. Seeing if I can make sense of all the knowledge that was handed down to us by greater thinkers than I'll ever be.

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