Track By Tracks: Broken Side - Fathom (2022)

The EP loosely has a water theme, in the way water is the basis of human life. We have the three statues as our album art submerged at the bottom of the ocean. Our lyrics are mostly left to the listener to interpret, but the songs do have a certain theme to them while being written.

1. In Defeat:

Is based on a character from the book Moby Dick. He survived being attacked by the whale with some of his crew mates only to end up stranded on a deserted island. He and a couple of the survivors decided to remain on the island rather than go back to sea on a small boat because he was so afraid of the whale. In the end, some of the crew resorted to cannibalism for survival.

2. Cartographer:

Is about finding your way in life. Making a map for your future, and making the choices that get you where you want to be.

3. Black Waters:

Touches on failed relationships of any sort. Where one or both persons are blaming each other for the failures. They are treading black waters.

4. Frail:

Expresses the feelings of being exposed and anxious when making changes in your life or taking new steps towards a change.

5. Interloper:

This one is a little science fiction, it's based on an idea of a government science experiment gone wrong.

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