Track By Tracks: Godzilla In The Kitchen - Exodus (2022)

Of course, we aim to express this story's depth in the songs themselves, while the scaffold of purely instrumental music purposely leaves some space for individual interpretations. IS starts relatively dignified and has a typical intro characteristic. Pickin' up some post-rock elements, this melody-driven piece creates a lot of atmosphere, whetting the appetite for more. The bass intro of THE FUTURE OF MANKIND breaks with this threatening melancholy to introduce you to one of the most complex compositions on this album. It takes you on a ride where you'll face a truckload of musical finesse such as odd rhythms as well as metrical and dynamical changes. The track demands a lot from the listener and is one of the more progressive-sounding tracks on EXODUS. The next song, called FORCED BY, constitutes a small breathing spell. A fuzzy stoner rock song with some nonrhythmic nuances throughout the track - an absolute killer live so far. Which leads directly into the song of the main protagonist: THE KING OF MONSTERS. This one is in no way inferior to THE FUTURE OF MANKIND in terms of variety and complexity. With its intense riffing and beautiful melodies, it is a very well-fitting description for our protagonist: brutal, powerful, and beautiful at the same time. The heavy songwriting, paired with an underlying anxiety that never creates a feeling of a rush, aims to transport the conflict of the nearly pathological human need of keeping habits while slowly being confronted with the consequences. The whole thing leads to the great BECAUSE. Another complex piece of music that wants to represent the big question - why is humanity in this situation? The whole thing is underpinned with strong and memorable melodies, set in conspicuous but never intrusive odd meters, that create a perceptible tension winding up in a rhythmical relief in the closing part. This question is tried to be answered in song number 6, EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN, which we have visualized in a music video - - and that's what it's about: Over waves of disarray and chaos, one of the last survivors of mankind is trying to find what constitutes the perfect noise. While sometimes harmonizing, sometimes separating, and erupting in dissonance, he finally finds his way into the shared rhythm. Once in sync with everything that has been given, he is allowed to leave behind the endless loop and receives the final gift of mankind: The truth within resonating matter. Creation and destruction unfold a spiritual journey, connecting humans with its nature. Musically, this storyline is transported through a mixture of metrically odd, rhythmic-driven sections and heavy, trance-inducing melody lines leading to a calming end where all the parts come together to create the big picture and find a way out of this riddle.

After this complex trip, EXODUS enters the home stretch with the last post-rock song with proggy elements: WILL BE TAKEN AWAY, which we have also visualized- - The video symbolizes the story of the album – so you need to watch it to find out what is really behind the king of monsters and if there is hope in the fight against it.

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