Track By Tracks: Infantry - Terminal Society (2022)

1. Disposer of Immorality:

This is a song about a fictional character called John Earl Miller, based on serial killer William Suff. He thinks he is doing everybody a favor by killing all prostitutes who are offering their services there. Unfortunately, the police and a judge and jury think otherwise and he is arrested and imprisoned. In the text, he expresses his surprise at this. He thinks he has done a good deed and does not understand that he is being punished for this.

2. Submission:

This song is about what it's like to be submissive in a BDSM session. The woman in question literally describes what is happening, how it feels, and what it does to her.

3. Destination: Wonderland:

This song is a fictional eyewitness report of what it is like to flee from the country of origin in a rickety and unseaworthy boat, in search of safety, fortune, and happiness. The story is told from two perspectives, the boat refugee and the people smuggler.

4. Under Destruction:

This song is about the world that’s coming to an end, nothing more and nothing less.

5. Inner Warfare:

This song is about a soldier with PTSD, contracted from many years of fighting on the battlefield. He describes his inner struggles and tells how desperate he is because he sees only one way out and that is suicide.

6. Coup D’etat:

The title already says it all. Ronald tried to create a small story about what happens when a government is knocked over to end a regime.

7. Hail the Victorious:

This song is about a fictional leader of a country who indoctrinates its inhabitants, causing them to follow him blindly. You can compare it with power-hungry leaders such as Kim Jong-un or Vladimir Putin. The population knows no better than what the leader says is the absolute truth.

8. Terminal Society:

This is the title song of the new album. It tells about the state of the world nowadays and how the world population is heading towards its end.

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