Track By Tracks: Outline In Color - Coast Is Clear (2022)

1. Coast Is Clear:

Coast is Clear is the title track and is inspired by the thought that in the same way, we wonder if a tree makes a sound in the woods when no one is there to hear it; I wonder if people are the same when no one is around to perceive them. A bit pessimistic, but in this song, I am questioning whether or not that person is inherently good.

2. Super Ego:

Ego is a crazy thing. Sometimes we are faced with what we want more than anything in life but our ego keeps us silent. Sometimes happiness is so easy, but we make it difficult. Say what you mean!

3. Bitter:

No matter how much we grow, some things are just impossible to let go of. Bitter is a reminder that something can never be forgiven and forgotten.

4. Tear Me Down:

Being in a toxic relationship can hit you to the core, but sometimes it’s more of a Yin and yang ☯️.

When you fight as hard as you love things can get ugly, but you always find your way back to the north.

5. Fight Fair:

This song is inspired by taking personal accountability and working to improve yourself while watching others break the rules and cheat. At times it can be tempting to deviate from our chosen path, but we must remember that karma works on its own time. You must put in the work now to receive the benefit later. There aren’t any shortcuts, and eventually, those that take advantage reveal themselves.

6. Do Your Worst (Ft. Loveless):

This was an emotional song to write. It’s about being caught in a hopeless relationship and wanting so desperately for it to work, that you’d rather your partner destroy you than leave you. Eventually, resentment sets in, and that’s when things get ugly. We were super fortunate to have Julian from Loveless featured in this song.

7. Quicksand (Ft. Michael Swank):

Quicksand is about backsliding in growth. When you find yourself doing the things you’d swore you’d never do again, or hanging with the people you promised yourself you were done with. It’s about not being about to forgive and forget, even though you know it’s the right thing to do, and it’s about finally cutting off the people that inspire us to make these decisions. Unfortunately, we are the company we keep.

8. Bite My Tongue:

A lot of times I feel as though I’m faced with situations where I can either speak up and look like an asshole or shut up and say nothing. When I was younger I wanted to make sure I was always heard even at a detriment to my relationships, but now as an adult I often time see instances where I am better off saying nothing, and speaking my peace might offend or push me further away from people I love... At times I really struggle between my childhood and adult viewpoints. It’s hard to decide when to be selfish and when not. This song is about finally finding the line between and sticking up for yourself.

9. Get Free:

This song is a cover by The Vines.

It was really big to me when I was younger. The label asked us to do a cover for the album and it was really really difficult to choose one. Ultimately we chose this song because everybody in the band vibed with it, and because I absolutely loved it growing up. There’s a performance on Letterman where the vocalist had a meltdown on live tv and it’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.

10. Stay Away (Ft. AVOID):

Simply put, this song is about knowing what’s bad for you and putting up boundaries. It sucks but sometimes things aren’t black and white. The people who bring us lots of pain can also bring us lots of joy. The key is balance, but when you’re sad more than you’re happy it’s best to just stay away.

11. Toss The Match (Ft. Chris Roetter):

It really sucks to find out, but sometimes our friends are pining for our downfall. This song is more or less a “fuck-you” to those kinds of people. They will be nice to you, and befriend you, only to burn you alive at their first convenience. Beware.

12. Bury My Thoughts:

This song was inspired by ADHD paralysis. Jon and I were both diagnosed with fairly crippling cases of ADHD as adults. Most of our adult life has been learning to navigate the shortcomings we unknowingly dealt with growing up. As children, I think we just felt like everyone was experiencing the difficulties that we were. Now well into adulthood, we realize this isn’t the case. One of the most notable struggles is ADHD paralysis. Sometimes what needs to be done is so clear to us but it seems we are frozen in time and space. Our minds whir and race and tell us to get up and do what needs to be done but for some reason, our bodies don’t move. “Should I bury my thoughts or let them choke me out” is referring to this feeling. Sometimes it feels like just opening up and talking about it would make things easier, yet at times this too is impossible.

13. Ghost Of You:

Quite simply this song was inspired by the loss of one of my best friends to drugs. More feelings than just sadness overcame me during this time, and this song was an opportunity to explore them. Anger, resentment, etc filled me, alongside depression, sadness, and desperation. It was honestly confusing and still remains to have so many positive and also negative feelings regarding the same person, and someone I once considered family.

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