Band Biographies: Ectoplasm

We’re Ectoplasm, we’re a three-piece Deathcore band from Taiwan and US. Our member consists of, Kai, our vocalist, he’s also in bands such as xKaix and Solus. Our guitarist/songwriter Matt, he’s also in Abyss Of Gehenna and Emasculated Vituperation. Same with our drummer Murray, he’s also in the two bands mentioned above that Matt’s involved with!

Our first release is about tales leading up to, during and after the American Frontier War. In these alternate tellings The natives are aware of the arrival of the English Colonies. They are also aware of the famine, disease, rapes, pillaging and other atrocities they will bring. Instead of allowing this, the natvies call upon their gods and spirits for help. With rumors of a wendigo like creature making it's presence known through the possession of individual natives who maybe about to lose their life in battle.

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