Band Biographies: Subvergence

When like-minded individuals find each other in times of inequality and misunderstanding, a new form of energy emerges, which hadn’t been discovered until now. Subvergence. A solid core of gentlemen looking to deliver a critical message in a brutal package.

Subvergence is a young Deathcoreband from Houthalen, Belgium, spawned shortly before The Great Pandemic. The band is built upon a core of experienced musicians (Knives To A Gunfight, Primal Truth, As Echoes Fade, The Awakening & Voyages) and friends who share a mutual interest in heavy breakdowns and bone-breaking riffs.

This love resulted in what is to be heard on their debut EP “Below Hell”, released independently in 2022. A 5 track monster that unveils the true potential of this act. A blend of deathcore, seasoned with more traditional death- and black metal elements, influenced by masters of the trade like Thy Art Is Murder, Oceano, and Whitechapel. Heavy blast beats, dark riffing, and nasty samples, and angry vocals would be a good description of the Subvergence’s sound. Lyrically the EP transforms real-life stories and experiences into metaphors about occult beliefs.

Be prepared to be blown away! These guys will bust the sound barrier and shatter it all over the place!

FFO: Whitechapel, Oceano, Thy Art Is Murder, Aversions Crown

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