Behind The Artworks: Voodu - Pictures (Single) (2022)

Our singer Eddie made this cover. Ed creates the visual aesthetic for the band but always runs things by all of us as a group before pulling the trigger on anything. We all voted on which image we wanted to represent the single and felt this one made the most sense due to its looming presence. It gazes at you like a Specter.

Eddie: I wanted to create something that was unique for our genre, represents the band in a way that stood out, and reflected the single in a way that subconsciously related to the lyrics. The single is about doubting reality. When I wrote the lyrics, I was reflecting on something that happened to me a long time ago as a kid, but after I had already written the lyrics, in second passing, I realized how much it related to the world we live in today. The age of information. In this age of information, we all get placed in little echo chambers. We’re fed things that will provoke a reaction in us and keep us engaged, but that doesn’t necessarily make them true. We’re fed an endless loop of images, or “pictures on replay”. I wanted the image to reflect this haunting sense of doubt. A digital demon that is fixed on “fattening you up” before it consumes us.

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