Behind The Tracks: Grasping At The Shadow - Shards Of Glass (Single) (2022)

With “Shards of Glass” we wanted to invoke familiar memories within the listener. The lyrics aren’t from the perspective of a specific event but a more universal experience. The song itself is about how relationships can deteriorate into a cycle of violence and abuse, whether they be romantic, platonic, or family. We feel this is something many of us have been through and can relate to.

The video took 6 hours to shoot on the first day, we shot it in a friend's barn with no ac. Our guitarist was the last to shoot and by that time all of us were exhausted. We shot all the grave scenes on the second day and we actually dug the grave ourselves. Our guitarist is the one shoveling dirt onto our vocalist and it was very difficult to not get dirt all over our vocalist’s face. We also put a pool raft covered in dirt on the bottom of the grave so our vocalist wouldn’t be injured falling back into it.

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