Behind The Tracks: Skidders - Monday Is Calling (Single) (2022)

“So I had to write a song for some really great friends we have known for over 20 years. David and Siân - and Siân’s mother. Although she’s an octogenarian, she’s bloody good value for her age! Also, she has some wicked phrases that get you splitting your sides (one that comes to mind is “Grass doesn’t grow on a well-trodden path”. I’ll let you figure out the context of that one). Probably the only thing old about her is her shampoo and set. David is frickin’ amazing, practically. He’s rebuilt a Volkswagen Beetle virtually from scratch and you can bet, it is in better condition than the day it came off the tracks (were they tracks in those days?). Siân is just our lovely Siân and sends us the filthiest jokes on WhatsApp to keep us smiling through the day.

So, what was I going to write? Knowing that I can’t sing, like 99% of all my other compositions, it was to be a guitar instrumental. I wanted it to reflect their personalities and qualities so you would immediately recognize for whom the track was written. I wanted to, but threw that out the window when I came up with “Monday Is Calling” which in no way represents them but is a bloody great tune if I say so myself! It’s a bit bluesy, and funky - I’d say if you’ve heard Robben Ford, a similar to his style. Anyway, don’t take my word for it - listen now for free on my website - I’m really proud of my site. If you see anything you don’t like, please let me know from the Contact page. I love constructive criticism.

Seriously though (and I’m not that too often), please do take a listen. “Monday Is Calling” is my latest single and favorite track from my latest album “Friends & Family Vol. 2” which is dedicated to friends and family members, both past and present. Thankfully, David, Siân & Margaret are very much in the “present” category. And the title? Well, David now only works 4 days a week, so with my long-suffering wife, the five of us go out on occasional Mondays to eat, drink and be merry. This is where both our spouses come into their own - by driving us home in order to wake up with a headache Tuesday morning and look forward to another Monday Calling!"

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