Interviews: Born A Ghost

On this new occasion, we have had the opportunity to interview the Doom Metal/Death Metal band, Born A Ghost from the USA. Check out the interview and follow the band on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

1. Where did you get the idea for the band name, you planned it or came out just like that? 

We just put it together and that was about it. It started as an album name from a previous project back in 2013.

2. Why did you want to play this genre? 

We just play what we want and write whatever comes to mind, and then throw it together and blend it and make songs out of it. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t but we keep at it till we have something we like. We all love death metal, doom metal, sludge, and the like, so those are the natural places we go to when we write.

3. Did you know each other before the band was formed? 

Yes, all of us were in another band together that broke up. But Craig and I (Taylor) met in 2010 or 2011 by chance and sort of took it from there. Craig and Sergio used to work together and that bridged that so that’s how we all met.

4. Each band member's favorite band?

Taylor: My favorite band is probably Meshuggah or Neurosis 

Craig: Behemoth is definitely one of my faves.

Sergio: I love Mastodon.

5. Who or what inspires you to write songs? 

We are inspired by a lot of things so it’s hard to really nail it down. We take influences from movies, video games, books, etc… To be honest we’re a bunch of nerds who like metal.

6. Where was your last gig? 

We have yet to play live, but Craig and I’s (Taylor) last gig was at Studio Seven in Seattle. Sergio plays in a Norteno band and plays all the time still.

7. Where would you like to act?

Not sure what opens this one, but we would love to play the Warfield in San Francisco or the Download or Roadburn festival.

8. Whom would you like to feature with?

Oh god… so many bands. Cult of Luna, Behemoth, Meshuggah, all of them. We would love to play with everyone… Lorna Shore, Fit For An Autopsy.

9. Whom not?

I dunno, anyone that sucks.

10. Have any of you ever suffered from stage fright? Any tips for beginners on how to beat that?

I (Taylor) do all the time, but I usually vomit and it goes away. Craig has his rituals and so does Sergio.

11. What bands have inspired you the most?

Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Meshuggah, Mastodon, Behemoth

12. What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you for? 

Taylor: I had a fan ask me for used guitar strings once. I did not comply.

13. What do you think of your fans?

We would like to meet all of them. We appreciate all of those who have supported us thus far, and when we start playing live we would love to hang out.

14. What do you think of our site?

Love it! 

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