Track By Tracks: Born A Ghost - Stairway To An Empty Room (2022)

The release follows a certain path. It pretty much started out as a dream I (Taylor) had. I came up with the concept from that and Craig and I took it from there with the lyrics. The are very personal to me in some parts and in others they are very detached.

1. 43:

This song is about a man who is going through his own mental illness struggles. He can’t sleep and he has tried just about everything to get some sleep. Drugs, alcohol, whatever will give him some relief. While he is awake, the only thing that he notices is that the number “43” keeps showing up. The truth is, this happened to me (Taylor) and I didn’t sleep for 7 days. I was going through psychosis and every time I looked at the clock it was X:43. I still see the number everywhere to this day.

2. Halls of Disrepair:

This is about when the man from the previous song finally loses it and goes into a full meltdown. He starts to sleepwalk and winds up in a church, which does not sit well with him because he does not believe in God. He starts to question everything and then realizes that only the weak put blind faith in anything.

3. Stairway To An Empty Room:

The man has finally had it. He has given up. He questioned his faith and his root being and it shook him to the core. So he finally gives in and decides to take his own life. This one, specifically the 2nd verse, hits me hard and I have a hard time listening to this song.

4. When The Last Light Fades:

The man had ended his life, and winds up living the past all over again as punishment until he finds a guiding light, Lucifer. And thus he finds salvation and the story ends.

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