Track By Tracks: HETMAN - Black Heart (2022)

1. Rusty Nail:

You put these ashes on the last piece of bread
Having hit the nail on the head because you have no business
To the river and to the forest and the cry in the fields
You are slowly hammering a rusty nail into nature

The first song "Rusty Nail" begins with these words, I don't think there's anything else to add here, and it's immediately clear what the idea of the track is - the slow destruction of what allows us to exist, breathe, drink and eat, unfortunately, most people don't understand this!

2. Black Heart:

The Black Heart is a song about the human dirty heart, which is saturated with the desire for money, where the profit is the extraction of oil and forest, and the devastation of all the earth's resources!

3. Wings:

Wings is a song about a person's thirst for freedom and will, to be free and not dependent on anyone and anything, a person who knows how to make decisions on his own and not follow the chains of power and other organizations that love to control people, and wings are a symbol of a person's will for with the help of which a person flies and enjoys a free life without hindrance.

4. Thirteen:

Thirteen, the words should make everyone who destroyed on their way, the destinies, dreams and desire to be better than other people, thirteen nails are waiting for such people, which will drive into their coffin lid because they never loved, did not believe, did not help, and still forced other people to do the same for money!

5. Breath:

Breathe, a song about the forest and the air that fills our lungs, breathe as long as you can, because the forest is the lungs of our earth, so taking care of the forest is like taking care of your health!

6. Out Of Shame, Out Of Anger:

Out of shame, out of anger, this song is a small dialogue with the land on which we live, I ask for forgiveness from the land for people who neglect its beauty and gifts for fully human life, the fact that it is sold for nothing for the sake of profit and earnings.

7. Empty Abyss:

An Empty Abyss is a story about people who have a very large inner world, but it is empty in them and has nothing valuable in it, except for money and power, a person who has an empty inner world is like an empty abyss in which another person who has some life values will not find anything there for himself!

8. Dawn, Eyes Of Spring Night:

Stars, the eyes of a spring night (a poem by Lesya Ukrainka) in this poem, she compares the stars with people and their lives, some stars are fiery and open, some are extinguished and quiet because their lives are marred, and in order to light a star, it is necessary to light it with a thirst for life, so alone and with a person.

9. Value:

Value, a song about family, about what is the most important thing in life for every person, a beloved wife, children for whom we are ready to do anything, to wait for years for the return of relatives from other countries, as a sailor, it is very close to me, that's why I wrote such a poem because the most important thing for a person is to be loved and needed by someone, loneliness is the most terrible thing in the world!

10. White Threads, Black Needles:

White Threads, Black Needles, comparing a person's life with threads and power, where are the black needles that force people to buy themselves multi-colored paints to improve their lives like a picture, if you don't buy and don't work, the picture of your life will be black and white and not interesting.

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