Track By Tracks: Reanimator - Commotion (2022)

1. Commotion:

This song is about people being glued to their tv and smartphones and the effects related to it. 

2. The Ditch:

A song about hangovers, hitting rock bottom 

3. Burnt By The Witch:

A love/hate song about a toxic relationship 

4. Terry Fire:

We wanted to write a song named "Terrifier" but it turned into "Terry Fire" , a character we created. He's a pro stuntman on his three-wheeled bike doing tricks. 

5. L'Appel du Vide:

Our first French lyrics song ever, in English it's "Call of the Void", that weird thoughts of leaping from a high place or driving headfirst into an oncoming vehicle for example. 

6. Necronomicunt:

This is a metaphor song about a toxic ex-girlfriend trying to get back in bed with me. A zombie lady is hungry for sex. 

7. Anti-Sobriety:

The story of a man trying to stop drinking but after a couple of days, he's feeling sick and goes to the doctor. The doctor will then prescribe to the patient drink more alcohol to get back in shape. 

8. Wretched Affliction:

A story about a man fighting a vicious beast in a cage match 

9. Heads Or Tails:

A song about having a hard time making a decision

10. Out for Justice:

A song about us, Reanimator, writing songs to denounce certain things.

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