Band Biographies: CHESTER DOOM

CHESTER DOOM was born from the rough edges and rocky coastlines of Atlantic Canada and raised on a steady diet of classic and modern Rock. With a musical range spanning beautiful, introspective ballads to hard-hitting, face-melting sonic maelstroms, their broad rock, and alternative influences combine to create something truly special.

Powerhouse vocalist/lyricist/tunesmith Josh Best is truly a force of nature -- whether tugging at your heartstrings or roaring like a category 5 hurricane, he is sure to leave more than a few jaws on the floor.

Backed by riff-factory rhythm guitarist/composer Patrick Blackie, lead guitarist Kellan Menhennett, keyboardist Dave Mackenzie and a rhythm section comprised of brothers Glenn Arseneau (bass) and Peter Arseneau (drums), CHESTER DOOM are here to ROCK.

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