Band Biographies: Little Villains

After meeting in a goods return line at Fry’s Electronics in LA in 2005, Philthy Animal Taylor and James Alexander Childs formed Little Villains. Owen Street completed the original line-up, playing bass at early recording sessions. The group worked on many recordings at Phil’s place, James’s studio, and Unit A studio in Palm Springs. James and Phil worked on and off on their recordings up until 2010. They’d discussed recording more, but Phil became ill and returned to England where he had more of a personal support system. Sadly, Phil died in 2015.

Over the subsequent years and with various member changes along the way, Little Villains have released 4 albums in total with their fourth studio album titled Battle Of Britain being re-released via Sliptrick Records in the near future. The songs for Battle Of Britain are performed by James Childs, Owen Childs, and Chris Fielden, with guest appearances by Nick Davidge and Simon Hedges of Airbus.

Little Villains are planning to tour in 2023 and are working on new material in the studio.

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