Behind The Artworks: Temptress - See (2023)

See being part one in a greater album concept. We wanted the focal point to be a strong, powerful, mystical woman. Drawing the viewer in with beauty, the music shares the beauty, strength, and darkness that is inside.

We sought out Caitlin Mattisson - A phenomenal artist, and we have enjoyed her art on multiple other flyers, album covers, and art she has presented over the years. Her style is a perfect fit. Her artistic vision drew inspiration from The Legend of Salome. To which the legend states, after Salome danced for the king, entranced, he agreed to give her whatever she wanted, to which she demanded the head of John the Baptist. When we received the first sketches of the album art we fell in love with the concept and design. The finished product shows a soft but strong woman ready to lure you into the depths of love, lust, beauty, and destruction.

For the first single off the album, “Serpentine” we wanted an image to pack a punch much like the song. An elegant creature sprung for an attack. The image of the rattlesnake bite shows the power of such a beautiful creature.

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