Behind The Artworks: Thine Inner Sanctum - ...In Silence, I Wept... (2022)

I recently discovered an AI art rendering platform and got sucked down the rabbit hole of MidJourney AI. The original images for the album were created using a selection of the lyrics from the release, what amazed me is how the AI interpreted my description and lyrical input. If a computer's interpretation rendered the images I am using as the artwork , what would a psychiatrist say?
I loved the Midjourney results, I am all for artists being paid for their work and how it is a talent that should never be taken for granted, but this cover art was a one off experiment and I shall return to compiling and creating the art edits myself for the future releases. Hopefully the above won't put people off the music and call me a fraud, in saying that though My Dying Bride recently done the same for a lyric video... they never got called out on it but alas, Thine Inner Sanctum is not My Dying Bride
Thank you for letting me ramble about my musical works, hopefully it gets people interested and eager to hear the album in its entirety. I heard there are some interview questions to get on with now...

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