Behind The Artworks: Witnesses - The Curse Of Tarry Town, Or The Hessian's Diary (Single) (2022)

Typically it's a priority for me with Witnesses is to collaborate with an artist to create something new for each release. This has manifested itself in photography, paintings, etc. But for this, I went with sourcing an older drawing that you would expect to see in an old pressing of a Nathaniel Hawthorne novel. Thankfully, there were some good online resources like The New York Public Library. I like the image I settled on obviously; it made a great source for the lyric video as well. This is also one where I wanted the artwork to be pretty literal and unambiguous. It fit this small project better. If I were to do it over with more time and resources, I'd have probably commissioned a series that told the story a bit more with my interpretation of the horseman's plight. Maybe someday.

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