Behind The Tracks: ULTIMA - Kids (Single) (2022)

The song describes the nightlife of a modern common person. People fill a void in themselves by using alcohol or other substances in the belief that they increase self-confidence at the moment, but they create a sort of addiction in which you need that "boost" to be able to do certain actions” explain the band “At the beginning, the song was written in the rehearsal room, cause we wanted to express ourselves with an old style of composition where everyone could actively participate with their own ideas. The track Is full of prog/djent vibes like polyrhythms, heavy breakdowns and also clean parts. The video wants to express the mood of the artwork. The idea was to use yellow and blue as single colours for our two characters at the beginning of the video and then mix the colours together to obtain the green, which only the girl uses on herself. The mixed colour in the glass wants to represent the mix of substances like alcohol and else that people sometimes use to boost their feelings and status. At the end of the video, the girl remains alone with nothing. That wants to represent the void that those substances leave to the people when the effects are gone. With this modus operandi and this sound, we want to express many feelings. Maybe an album with a significant phrase would help our listeners to avoid any kind of uneasiness...

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